Chiki Buttah

I want to share a product I enjoy using. It is a fully made Austin business and am very impressed with the process for making her products. The herbs used are fresh pressed when they are available and the ingredients listed are items I can read, are natural, and I understand.

I use the Chiki Canna Bliss for a lot of my aches and pains and also found it to be useful for mosquito bites. It contains THC free CBD. I use the stick and it has held up well in my car in the Texas heat. There is another one without the CBD, Chiki Chill which also works well.

I have agreed to be an affiliate with this company as I believe strongly in the product(s) and use many of the products. You can click on the link below to look at this wonderful line of products and I am also happy to share my experience with the other products I have used.

Chiki Buttah order link

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